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Steve Dow

Guitarist and Tutor

Guitar Tuition in Schools


My approach to teaching in schools focuses on including music theory within

each lesson to ensure new students understand the language of music.


I emphasise the importance of learning to read musical notation. I believe this

creates a solid foundation upon which further musical development can be built.


I set out clear objectives for each lesson with a structured lesson plan.


I provide weekly feedback to parents via a practice diary to identify the student's

strengths and areas that require more focused development and practice.


School lessons are priced at £10 for 20 minutes, £15 for half an hour.


I teach using the excellent books 'The Guitarist's Way' which I encourage all

students to own a copy of. Here is a link to Book 1 in the series of 4:




I recommend Valencia nylon string guitars as ideal instruments for beginners.

They are good quality, lightweight, well priced, and come with a carry-bag.



The Guitarist's Way - Book 1 Valencia Half Size Guitar, suitable for children aged 5 to 8 years old Valencia Three Quarter Size Guitar, suitable for children aged 8 to 11 years old